The Healing Room

This is how Stag Construction”Pays it Forward”.

We all encounter people in need. Everyday, millions of individuals reach out to lend a hand to their fellow man. Someone is helped, they help the next person. It’s human nature.
This is our way of “paying it forward”.

Stag Construction donates time and tools* to create special living accommodations for someone facing new challenges because of a disabling injury or serious illness.

Special room for brain cancer patient

Special room for brain cancer patient

It may be a ramp, pathway or door modification to accommodate a wheel chair. Perhaps, a room needs to be “moved” or facility heights adjusted.

If you have a construction need due to injury or illness, please let us know by using our Inquiry form.**

* Stag Construction supplies basic stuff such as nails, screws, glue, tape.
** We wish we could handle every request. When that’s not possible, we’ll do our best to find other solutions.